Gary W. Abersold




The sage Lao Tsu taught that “Tao” is not far away. It is within everyone. In life many things will become empty except our spiritual nature. By cultivating yourself, we rediscover or for some discover the power of “Chi”, the universal life force energy within all living beings and forms. The Chi is the origin of everything. Through simple practices one can begin to discover the power of the East Asian Healing Traditions. 

Welcome to my new personal Website!

Greetings my name is Gary W. Abersold; I have been a practitioner of East Asian Traditions since 1983. I am located in Southern Michigan Area (Sterling Heights and Warren Michigan areas). The goal of this website is to share and help educate readers on the Indigenous traditions of East Asia and share with like minded followers of the Way.

I have a Qigong website currently and slowly will be migrating all the content to here. There is not too much on Taoism or Buddhism on there but many recommended videos and articles under my journal section.  The website is at I have taught Qigong classes and certification courses since 1994. Please come and visit us back again soon. This is a new format and is a new learning curve for myself.

Gary W. Abersold